summer 2017

photography : Shari Ruzzi

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Leslie Vanhecke
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Blokstraat 73
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MICAM fair
Hall 1, facing fashion square, via lombardia SUD, S07 ellen verbeek
12-15 feb 2017
Milano (Rho)

Art deco was an all encompassing movement that transformed and brought the industrial and urban world together. These are also the most characteristic elements of Ellen Verbeek’s collection of shoes. The combination of natural materials, original heels and elegant details melts into a strong yet very feminine image.

Heels are sculpted out of wood by hand, thus resulting in beautiful arc shapes which run down to the sole.

Our use of vegetal tanned leather produces a brute but soft and elegant radiation. This leather contains no chrome making it environmental friendly and avoids allergic skin.

Playful and feminine are the keywords characterizing the collection and the combination of both present a clear and recognizable image.

We manufacture the shoes in Italy by dedicated craftsmen to ensure a high level of quality workmanship.

With the collection ‘ellen verbeek' we deliver exclusive quality shoes, advanced design in durable materials and quality workmanship.

Copini BVBA

Blokstraat 73
3191 Schiplaken
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